Opinion and Empathy: Bill Bullard


Happen to just come across this image, and it just hit me to the core. I just kept reading about Empathy and Opinions in so many places. It really did not make me understand to clearly, a lot of my Mentors and the Leaders I like and follow mention about Empathy, this one just got into the depth and so precisely clear for anyone to understand and relate it. I am just writing this post just as a reminder for myself also as I have been quite vulnerable, not able to understand people and get driven sometimes, so it gets registered with me totally as well. My last post of a drive on expressway which I experienced with a friend had hit me hard too. This quote in my daily life it helps to explain my thoughts so much, as well as helps me to understand others better too. I happen to interact with so many people in person and online as well(friends, family, customers, acquaintances, etc.), it just helps me keep connected with it.  Also through the years in my personal life, I can relate so much, and when I see real innate people with glimpses of such qualities, it just drives me to them and their cultures. I found this video which was kind of interesting,

Just sharing the thoughts so even I could regularly be alerted.  Hope the QUOTE IMAGE and the video above helps you with some new insights for yourself as well 🙂 and sharing with some might get more smiles :). Thank you for reading this up.



India ranks 130th amongst the 188 countries on the Human Development Index, however, once inequality is factored in , we drop even further to rank 150th. In addition to employment strategies, the report calls for the government, civil society and private sector to work together and help to reduce inequality.  

One such incident we would like to put to your notice is whilst on the way to Mumbai driving from Pune to the second food mall beside the petrol pump. We witnessed two housekeeping ladies sleeping in the bathroom. Needless to say, this is a public toilet and the condition of the toilets added to our discomfort and shock. Considering the numbers of vehicles passing by daily on the Mumbai-Pune expressway would surely imply a staggering amount of visits to these public toilets. We noticed various people pass by in ignorance as if these housekeeping ladies were just meant to be sleeping in these public toilets. Adding to our shock further, we inquired further about these ladies only to find out they belonged to a village close by named Khopoli, and the salary they drew was a mere five thousand a month. We were also told that they had a strict 12 hours shift of tremendous hard work hour with a total of 45 minutes break. 

Yes, we could provide them with a temporary solution by providing them help for those moments, but the point we are trying to make here is imagining similar working conditions throughout the country. We are not here to point out just one specific incident which massively impacted us. If the government could set a basic standard of living which will enable every citizen so that the survival of them and their dependants is acceptable it can address the situation. We cannot define the numbers but are sure that inflation and standard of living figures will be able to help as an estimate.

What we are unable to figure out is if and who are the middle agencies who handle this, or the direct government system or the private sector who handles it. 

We would not seek to point fingers at anyone in specific. 

Our point is that we need a system which can work on more details in this sector and make sure that at least the basic rights a human deserves are being provided them. This can help ensure that overall our India’s issue of inequality can slowly and steadily be addressed. 

Yes, we have passed the official message to the state and national government systems. 

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Thailand Diary

Howdy  ,

So my last vacation of my year was in Thailand, I just loved the vibes of that country, on a personal experience it had a blend of the feeling you get in India an Island as well. The moment I landed in Bangkok, I had this feeling same like Mumbai. And then boarded to the northern Serene part of Thailand known as Chiang Mai. It’s a beautiful, peaceful place.  The perfect peaceful destination for tourists just to go and chill and do some sight seeing.

Chiang Mai


Also, I had planned for Scuba Dive, which was a mind-blowing experience for me. The first 5 minutes were super challenging, but thereafter ones you get used to the equipment ,  breathing and the symbols technique its alright. I must say it was one my most special moments I have ever experienced. Also had been to the Highest Spot in Thailand Don Inanthon. Happen to spend time with some locals in a village who had their living with handmade handicrafts, the experience was one of a kind.

Highest Spot in Thailand