This is one of the hardest section I can fill in. I keep evolving regularly as the famous quote (Spend each day trying to be a little wiser than you were when you woke up.), so this section may be the 100 and Nth version for this page. And probably when you are reading this I may have updated myself more. But as you have taken the effort to read this page, I will try to keep it simple and concise.

This is Pavan (Twitter/LinkedIn), I am born and brought up in Pune, India and traveled a few countries, but interacted with people across the globe.

This is just a public journal to jot down a few parts of my journey. I have developed a passion for reading, writing and learning continually. I will try to follow the eschew obfuscation techniques for our teachers. 🙂

I like eating healthy(some cheat days), exercise, work, travel, music, Spend time with my loved ones, Turned to an Avid reader (Using Kindle) post 30 years of my age.

Love working out, evolved from Strength training–> Functional Body Weight–> HIIT Cardio–> Calisthenic Enthusiast–>Yoga as a Lifestyle, Yoga Forever. Now I just blend all the varied activities depending on my needs and time. I have spent, quite a lot of time learning about Health, Fitness and Nutrition. I just wrote a little here.

Professional: LinkedIN

Growth Specialist-Digital Marketing-SEO-WordPress->SAAS, Content, Hi-Tech

WordPress Story:

On my work front. Thanks to MATT I doscovered WordPress. I had come across him while searching for remote jobs and never looked back. I have been working quite a lot on Word Press, not a great coder, but love using the application to develop highly scalable, heavy traffic WebApps, have worked on and maintaining sites with high traffic. I have worked with Enterprise WordPress within the WPVIP ecosystem.

Digital Marketing- SEO for Enterprise, SAAS, High Tech, Content Driven Commerce:

I always had a love for marketing my curiosity and passion grew for Digital Marketing, I learnt to use technology and content to scale traffic for the websites I worked with. Felt in love in SEO on WordPress. Have managed to get fruitful campaigns on Google and Social platforms too. Ability to strategise digital marketing tools and techniques.

Technology Enthusiast:

Thirdly, I love technology, always trying to keep track of the new trends coming up(AI, IOT, Block chain, Quantum), though my best source to learn and consult is mostly via the awesome Twitter platform. Have experience of working in IOT, Blockchain organisations.

Learning & Sharing Knowledge:

I have been an active participant in WordCamps and Digital marketing workshops. Learning skills in Digital Marketing and WordPress have helped me a lot in numerous ways. I have various certifications to get my fundaments right. I also had the opportunity to share workshops for Digital Marketing.


Open Minded, technology lover, sensitive, humorous, vulnerable, curious, adventurous, learner, honest, Calm, enthusiast, Grateful, live fully, try to listen as much, react slowly, think carefully, live spiritually, love amazingly, care awesomely, connect genuinely and live fully.

Learn daily, grow daily, learn fundamentally!Trying to do my bits on inequality, humanity & altruism. Like to get smiles on faces! 🙂

Thank you for peeking by my blog.



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