Thailand Diary

Howdy  ,

So my last vacation of my year was in Thailand, I just loved the vibes of that country, on a personal experience it had a blend of the feeling you get in India an Island as well. The moment I landed in Bangkok, I had this feeling same like Mumbai. And then boarded to the northern Serene part of Thailand known as Chiang Mai. It’s a beautiful, peaceful place.  The perfect peaceful destination for tourists just to go and chill and do some sight seeing.

Chiang Mai


Also, I had planned for Scuba Dive, which was a mind-blowing experience for me. The first 5 minutes were super challenging, but thereafter ones you get used to the equipment ,  breathing and the symbols technique its alright. I must say it was one my most special moments I have ever experienced. Also had been to the Highest Spot in Thailand Don Inanthon. Happen to spend time with some locals in a village who had their living with handmade handicrafts, the experience was one of a kind.

Highest Spot in Thailand


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