Growth check!

I have been a Digital Marketing professional for eight years and specialized in SEO for seven years. I have worked with numerous varied projects to achieve results. I also have run websites for fun and flipped them after building them totally from scratch. I have done a lot of experimentation, data-driven actions, and metric monitoring to learn continually.


I work with rtCamp as a Digital Marketing consultant. It has been a significant work experience in my career. My learning has been innumerable in a very short time; I will create a separate write-up about it soon. rtCamp works with some of the biggest brands like Google, Automattic, Facebook, and many more. The organisations motto is “Good Work Good People,” evidently visible. rtCamp specializes in delivering enterprise success for web publishing and digital commerce. We are growing and hiring continually. Have a look at the careers section


For my next step to grow in my career, I wanted to expand my product growth and technology arena skills. While working remotely, I came across GrowthX. GrowthX is an online program with alumni as top Marketers, PMs, Founders from top companies. So I took up the 8-week weekend boot camp learning and applying the skills to live projects.

Acquisition: Decision framework & deep dive into four major acquisition channels viz organic, ads, referral, product integrations. How to scale?

Onboarding: Breakdown of how to design onboarding for web and mobile products

Engagement & Retention: Different types of engagement frameworks. Learn about segmenting users to drive maximum engagement. Understand more about retention and reducing churn rates.

Monetization: How to decide the framework to monetisation?

Growth Teams & Processes: How to set up & evolve growth teams? How to build and nurture a growth culture?

Capstone Project. A 3-week capstone project. The team works together to build an end-to-end growth strategy from acquisition to monetisation.

Thats all for now; I will keep writing updates, hopefully! 🙂

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