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  • Growth Strategy for Clear App- Learnings from Capstone.

    Growth Strategy for Clear App- Learnings from Capstone.

    In the 8-week boot camp project with GrowthX, after the four weeks of deep diving in modules, we had to apply the concepts and fundamentals we learned to real-time products. We got the opportunity to create a Growth Strategy for a product from Clear. (previously ClearTax). We were a group of 5 team members from…

  • Growth check!

    Growth check!

    I have been a Digital Marketing professional for eight years and specialized in SEO for seven years. I have worked with numerous varied projects to achieve results. I also have run websites for fun and flipped them after building them totally from scratch. I have done a lot of experimentation, data-driven actions, and metric monitoring…

  • First Surfing Lesson

    First Surfing Lesson

    My first surfing lesson. “You cant stop the waves, but you can learn to surf”. Taking my first surfing lesson. It did take me 90 minutes to learn and get it manageable. Ofcourse I crumbled a few times, But did get there!  Thanks to the team.

  • Physical Transformation

    Physical Transformation

                                                             Part-1 (Jan-18) Lately, I have been continually asked for inputs from a lot of friends, for the quick physical transformation in a short time. I have been…

  • “Pain with reflection” = ” awesome Growth”!

    This is an idea has had a huge impact on me, a long time back unknowingly and now knowingly. I will try to discuss only the emotional pain, causes and some remedies to deal with it. Also, in many cases, even physical pain can be managed if we can handle the emotional pain well!  I…

  • Intuitions, Impulsiveness, errors, mistakes –– the science behind it!

    Intuitions, Impulsiveness, errors, mistakes –– the science behind it!

    I have been intuitive and impulsive for most of early life, which has got me into trouble on a lot of occasions. I have been lucky to receive tough love several times from special people in my life and realize some of my shortcomings. This leads me to read (have been able to finish 21…

  • Opinion and Empathy: Bill Bullard

    Opinion and Empathy: Bill Bullard

    Happen to just come across this image, and it just hit me to the core. I just kept reading about Empathy and Opinions in so many places. It really did not make me understand to clearly, a lot of my Mentors and the Leaders I like and follow mention about Empathy, this one just got…



    India ranks 130th amongst the 188 countries on the Human Development Index, however, once inequality is factored in, we drop even further to rank 150th. In addition to employment strategies, the report calls for the government, civil society and private sector to work together and help to reduce inequality.   One such incident we would like…

  • Thailand Diary

    Thailand Diary

    Howdy  , So my last vacation of my year was in Thailand, I just loved the vibes of that country, on a personal experience it had a blend of the feeling you get in India an Island as well. The moment I landed in Bangkok, I had this feeling same like Mumbai. And then boarded…